Monday, 15 April 2013

egg allergy and Df soup

Finally got the doctors to refer my little one after completing a food diary and we think egg is the main problem. Sticking dairy free at the mo just Incase.
Today I made a dairy free soup and he loved it! Creamy too.
I boiled sweet potato, cougettes and lentils in vegetable stock them blended the veg with a bit of stock and soya single cream and pinch of ginger. It was fabulously yummy. Since discovering soya cream homemade soups, pasta and puddings have made it easier to get calories and some tastey treats into my boy.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

dairy free in cafes almost impossible

Bit of a rant. Took my son to certain chain of cafes this week which charge about £3+ for a sandwich, yet when I ask if they can make one up for my little man they are not prepared in store so can't. Annoys me that big chains are pre made. If I wanted a pre packed sandwich id just go Tesco. Finding it quite hard to get dairy free sarnies on the go for little one. I know I could take my own out but why should I?. #grrr
On a brighter note I had my 1st filling and may have to go hospital to have my wisdom tooth out. :/
Thirdly hubby has done his back in at work. They say it comes in threes.  is hoping for a better week next week. May stuff the diet this weekend. Diets always start on a Monday so I'll get back on the horse then...

Thursday, 28 February 2013

not a happy bunny :-/

Longgg week. Including nasty customers who think they know better. Worlds worst toothache and to top it off my mum thinks she knows "best".
Ollie dairy free has been going well. Not any new recipes as I've been working alot this week but managed to wizz up a few fairy cakes. Today though my mum looked after my son. She usually listens and does as I say and being a nurse is usually clued up. Well... She gave my son cheese sandwiches for lunch resulting in him having 2 sloppy poops later in the day. His poops have been looking more normal lately and she goes and spoils it. She has finally realised my dairy free experiment was not just a whim. Apparently it takes a couple of weeks to get dairy out your system so this has set us back. Least she is honest with me. Oh dear, I had words as I felt she undermined me. His ezcema also improved and for his sake hoping stays that way. This behaviour I expected from the in laws not mum. Oh well.
 Got dentist tomorrow as im in agony with my wisdom teeth. Just going to dose myself up with cocodomol then off to bed.
As for work im thinking maybe i should try invest in a money tree im sure it would fit ok in the garden. Even if it sprouted the odd fiver id be happy ;-)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tantrums and toasties

Tantrums galore today including head banging (including myself lol). Last night was where it began, my husband put him to bed whilst I popped off to zumba. I can home to a little monster who should of been fast asleep. Partly because he was scratching his legs so much poor thing. He also slaps his legs, makes me want to cry. Today he has just been a terror and chucking his toys everywhere. As regards to his dairy free though he takes to coconut milk well and making sure he takes his multivitamins.
Today's recipe I'm not quite sure what to call it but it was nice. Dairy free tuna toastie. See my recipe page for more info, quick simple and yummy. Not to everyone's taste but he liked it. 

Friday, 22 February 2013

Hemorrhagic cyst (off topic)

After seeing the doctors for a few months and pushing for some help due to pains I finally got a scan and have a hemorrhagic cyst. Nothing too much to worry about but to keep an eye on it. Feel a lot better now I know whats going on as everything was running through my head I.e cancer and wondering what will happen next and I now feel like a big weight has lifted off my shoulders.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dairy free cakes!

Last few days have been very hectic and my poor little man seems to be hating being dairy free. He does however seem to like KOKO coconut milk in strawberry so that seems to be his night drink at the minute. I have also made some yummy dairy free cakes and i was surprised how they tasted "normal".
And here they are! will pop the recipe on the dairy free page.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Little man had me up at 3am this morning, think it may have to do with the lack of milk. Seems to only like strawberry flavoured coconut milk. Finding it very hard and stressful. Especially when i had to les e for work at 730am. Will keep it up for a month to see if any changes. Found some dairy free bargains today at work = Tesco malt loaf only 28p, also their fresh free from range has some nice spreads 2 for £4 and very tastey on wholgrain crackers. Might sound biased but my local Aldi and Morrisons don't really have a non dairy section.